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history of cider making
in Mid Wales



Cider making and drinking has a long tradition here in mid Wales. The region has been growing a range of different types of fruit for centuries, which have been picked and crafted into seidr (Welsh for cider). Welsh varieties of apples and pears are very distinctive from those grown in England, giving Welsh ciders a different taste from other regions.

Cider making was brought to the UK in around the 12th Century by the Normans, and moved across the border from Herefordshire into Wales by the 14th Century. Cider slowly became renowned in farming communities within south-east Wales and mid Wales, with workers frequently enjoying the alcoholic beverage. 

Production of cider in Wales went into decline after the end of World War II. But the cider orchards remained, and in the 1980s a new wave of craft cider-makers emerged. Many new orchards have been planted recently to kick start cider making in Wales, giving the industry a new lease of life.​​


Ralph's Cider is situated on a farm named Old Badlands in New Radnor, Powys, mid Wales. Our amazing range of traditional farmhouse ciders and perries are quintessentially Welsh; full of depth and character from blossom to bottle. Our award-winning products rely on their natural yeasts and tannins for fermentation, offering the finest flavour combinations.

Our farmhouse ciders and perries are crafted by natural means here on the farm, where we grow our own juicy apples, before milling and pressing all our own juice into a signature blend. We then ferment, mature and bottle all our products in an eco-friendly manner. Ralph's specialist team of cider enthusiasts have a wealth of knowledge and experience, allowing us to offer a wide range of world-class products to suit many tastes.

Ralph's Cider delivers terrific thirst quenching taste, one cider at a time.


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